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Post Natal Disorders

A Post Natal Disorder may occur any time during the first two years after birth, or it may occur before the birth of your child. It can happen with any pregnancy and is a true physical illness having physical, emotional and psychological symptoms.

Caring for babies is a stressful occupation. Many new mothers suffer from some form of anxiety or depression in the early months. Some mothers may feel powerless and dependent, or may have unrealistic expectations of motherhood.

If you are experiencing any of the following, the Brisbane Centre for Post Natal Disorders can help:

  • Do you continually feel exhausted, depressed, anxious, angry or unable to cope with your baby and daily activities?

  • Always tired yet can’t sleep? Mind racing? Is this impacting on your life and that of those around you?

  • Do you have difficulty in making simple decisions, cry uncontrollably, and feel guilty or inadequate?

  • Are you and your partner experiencing difficulty with your relationship?

  • Do you have concerns related to parenting such as bonding with your baby or not feeling confident about caring for your baby?

The Brisbane Centre for Post Natal Disorders was established in 1991 to treat and support women with mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, in both their pregnancy and postnatally. The Centre can assist you with the process of adapting to the biological, psychological and social aspects of your disorder in an environment that is supportive and responsive to your needs, as well as the needs of your baby and those close to you.

Our facility is purpose built for mothers and babies, with single ensuite rooms and nursery accommodation. Both inpatient and day patient programs are available to suit your needs.