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Medical Advisory Committee

Our Medical Advisory Committee advises the Hospital's CEO and represents the collective view of the Accredited Practitioners who practice at Belmont Private Hospital.

Its function includes: 

  • A mode of communication between Executives and Practitioners to facilitate the safe provision of patient services and the application of appropriate policies and procedures

  • Identifying the health needs of the community and advising on services that may be required to meet those needs

  • Ensuring optimum delivery of patient care is maintained through current best practice and research

  • Formal mechanism of review of clinical outcomes, clinical management and peer review systems

  • Ensuring all Accredited Practitioners at Belmont Private Hospital are appropriately qualified and registered, consistent with Healthecare by-laws

Membership of the Committee comprises:

  • Belmont Private Hospital's Chief Executive Officer

  • Hospital Director

  • Director of Medical Services

  • Nine Psychiatrists

The Medical Advisory Committee generally meets quarterly.  Additional meetings may be called whenever there is a need.

For more information about our Medical Advisory Committee, please contact the Executive Office.

Belmont Private Hospital's Consumer and Carer Committee’s role is to include patients and significant others in decisions that affect their well being and care at an organisational level. 

We engage with Consumers and Carers and provide the Hospital Chief Executive Officer with feedback about what the Hospital does well, as well as suggestions and ideas about what it could do to improve the experience that patients have.

The Committee obtains this feedback in three ways:

  1. There is a Consumer and Carer desk and noticeboard in the main corridor on the left hand side as you travel through the Hospital from reception.  There you will find a suggestion box and feedback cards if you would like to use them.

  2. The Committee holds meet and greet sessions throughout the year.  There are also designated times for Consumers to meet with members of the Committee. These times are advertised on the weekly inpatient group program.

  3. Committee members are at the Hospital at various times and available to talk to patients.

All feedback that is received is compiled and presented at Belmont Private Hospital’s ‘Quality and Risk’ Committee meetings by a Consumer and Carer Committee member.  The Quality and Risk Committee looks at the suggestions and provides a report that identifies all consumer and carer feedback as well as a response to feedback raised.  This report is released several times a year with the latest version being available at the Consumer and Carer desk.

There are currently seven committee members, all of whom can be identified by name tags.

Consumers and Carers have a right to participate in the care and service that they receive.  We welcome feedback, to ensure that Belmont Private Hospital can continually improve the services it provides to consumers and their families.