General Enquiries: +61 7 3398 0111
Admissions and Assessments: 1800 700 274
Day Patient Admissions: +61 7 3398 0270

Older Persons' Unit

Our 35 bed older persons' unit is purpose built for the treatment of older persons' mental health concerns. 

Our qualified team is attentive and understanding of the needs of the elderly to ensure the comfort of all patients.

Our assessment includes cognitive and general functioning and we actively encourage the involvement of family members and carers to assist with planning for the future of our patients.

Our  inpatient programs focus on both educational, therapeutic and diversional activities.  Where appropriate, referral may be made to our Young @ Heart program, which is also available for day patients and enables patients to improve their daily functioning through reminiscing, discussion and activities including movement, art, memory games and social interaction.

Our Healthy Minds program, also be available for day patients, is specifically for patients with early signs of memory loss and cognitive changes.

Our Memory Clinic will be a comprehensive assessment process with patients and a family member to assess and make recommendations for improving quality of life and further treatment.